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The "H" stands for...

  H. Russ Brown is an intimacy coordinator who works with actors and directors to create intimacy for the stage that is dramatically effective but safe, comfortable, and repeatable for the actors involved.  Working, separately in the beginning, to discover the director 's creative vision for the scene, and then working closely with the actors to discover their personal boundaries within the dramatic framework.  Armed with this information, acting as the intimacy coordinator, H. Russ then facilitates a dialogue between those directly involved to negotiate an outcome that appeals to both the director's vision and the actor's comfort level.  Working within this atmosphere, actors can be empowered to feel confident that their boundaries will be honored and respected at all times.  


  H. Russ believes that Intimacy for the stage should serve the overall story - NOT delve into gratuitous spectacle - all while making the actors themselves - their physical and emotional health - his primary concern and focus.


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